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As a Stashbee Storage Host I agree to the following obligations:

  • I am responsible for the safe and secure storage of all of the Stored Goods as if they were my own.
  • I agree not to accept any payment of any kind from the Storage Guest in respect of this storage arrangement, other than via the online payment process provided by Stashbee.
  • I will endeavour to respond to any requests for information from Stashbee or the Storage Guests within 24 hours.
  • I will ensure the stored items are kept behind a lockable door or entrance point.
  • I will ensure the stored items are kept in a location where boxes will not be damaged, including but not limited to damage by water, damp, heat, fire, humidity or sunlight.
  • I will ensure the stored items are not excessively stacked, to the damage or detriment of the box or its contents.
  • I will immediately contact the host and Stashbee in the case of theft, damage or any other unforeseen eventuality related to this storage arrangement.
  • I will not open the boxes under any circumstances.
  • I will not move the boxes to another postal address or location without prior notification to and approval from the Host.